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Beach Juju

Coastal inspired Textile Jewellery with a Bohemian flair. Moving to Campwin Beach in sunny North Qld inspired me to create the Beach Juju brand. Handcrafted pieces that emanate the warmth and essence 'juju' that radiates from this beautiful place I call home.


Beach Juju uses Eco-Friendly materials such as cotton & hemp along with sustainable coconut wood components & locally sourced ocean treasures to create unique, high quality - slow fashion accessories.

Unique Designs

I've always been a maker of things; studying Fashion & Millinery at a young age. I have a passion for the design process, that artistic bubble you exist in when creating something truly unique & authentically you. I love accessories because they can renew a tired wardrobe & reinvent your favourite outfits."

Niobium Earwires

Named for the goddess Niobe, this magical metal is Beach Juju’s signature material. Niobium can display itself in a stunning array of colours without the use of toxic inks or dyes. Unlike typical fashion jewellery, anodized Niobium does not have any plating or coating that will wear away. Niobium is an element from the natural world, #41 on the periodic table. Like gold and silver, it is rare, precious and the most thoughtful choice for people with metal sensitivities.